Steps to Install Primevideo MYTV from

  Open the Amazon Prime Video app. Check out the option of register on the Amazon website ( ) and click on it. When you click on register a pop up will be displayed on your screen this is Amazon Prime Verification code. Copy this  enter code on your notepad and now move towards URL in your browser. Now submit your details into your Amazon Prime account. Paste the Amazon mytv code in the place which reads  Amazon Prime verification code . Confirm the code and if it says correct click on registering device. You have completed all steps now Amazon Prime videos are ready on your TV.  is a TV that you can use as a compact, mini, anywhere, anytime Tv. The video quality of prime videos in HD quality. The subscription of prime videos by Amazon gives you an offer that if you subscribe to the channels then you will get free delivery on every purchase of Amazon product. You can watch your favorite channels, tv sh

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  Now we know that you can watch amazon prime video on almost all the devices. So, initially, if you want to watch it on your specific device then first you have to check the eligibility of the device. To check the eligibility you need to follow the below-stated steps: Go to the home page of your device. Navigate to the Channel store or app store Search for Amazon Prime Video. If you will find the app or channel only then you are eligible to watch it otherwise you do. After eligibility check then the next step is to create an account on Amazon Prime Video and purchase the subscription. For all the new user’s amazon offer 30 days free trial which can be stopped anytime. Check out the below-stated steps to create an account on amazon prime video: Go to the official website of amazon prime video using  Find “Get Started” option and click on it. At the sign-in page enter your email address and password. After that click on “Create Your Amazon Account” Now purch - Enter Amazon Prime Activation Code - Enter amazon registration code  - Amazon prime video is another well known product of, Inc. Watch Prime Video on  Amazon My TV , users have to enter a  6-digit registration code  on the online web portal, which you can enter by visiting Prime video my tv activation code Prime video activation code is six digit unique activation code which display on the screen after the registration. To get the code follow the simple steps mentioned below - Open the amazon prime app on the TV Sign in to prime account After signing, enter 6 digit prime video activation code Copy the code at notepad Activate using amazon prime activation code Start the TV and go to the application store section Here search for the prime video app Download and  install prime my tv  application on the device Now open the prime video app on your TV Click on the url -  "Register on the prime site" You will redirected to

Steps to Easy Way Activate Amazon Prime at

  If you see Amazon Prime on your TV, all you have to do is open an app to get your special Amazon Activation code. It will be issued to you if you attempt to set up an alternative examination system. Obtaining a Prime Trial, for example, regardless of the Activation Code violation. To finish the activation process, go to or  at the point where you receive the Amazon Activation code. Enter the code at to activate Amazon Prime. The following fundamental steps must be taken in order to enact Amazon membership: Most importantly, you must look for the Amazon Prime video on your Smart TV. You must currently select an alternative from the “Register on the Amazon website” menu to sign up. After that, select the “Sign in and Start” option. You’ll receive the Amazon check code right now; simply write it down. After that, launch a web browser and navigate to . On, enter the 6-digit